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put option seller for the strike price.2550, regardless of what the market. In theory, this should protect you against a variety of risks. There are even investment funds that are named after this strategy because they hedge most of the trades and so they are called hedge funds. The real trick of any, forex hedging technique and strategy is to ensure the trades that hedge your risk don't wipe out your potential profit. A call will only have intrinsic value if:.its exercise prices is less than the current price of the underlying. She could hedge a portion of her risk by buying a put option contract with a strike price somewhere below the current exchange rate, like.2550, and an expiration date sometime after the economic announcement.

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First of all, let's define what an option. But safety cant be a traders only concern, otherwise, it would be safest to not trade at all. Conversely, the UK was on a fast expansion, with data exceeding expectations and a rate hike on the agenda of the BOE. After entry in the beginning of June, NZD/USD has seen a 400 pip gain. Overall, you make the difference, which is 89 pips of profit. You've taken the position to benefit from the positive interest rate differential between Australia and the. Let's look at a simple example:.buying an option as a protection against price shocks. Such an airline might choose to buy oil futures in order to mitigate against the risk of rising fuel prices. For example, an airline is exposed to fluctuations in fuel prices by the inherent cost of doing business. Add in the 61 pip cost of the option's premium in the first place, and your total downside is 161 pips, as stated above.