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users have a few options. According to their strategies the team in Blue Trading is constantly researching and evaluating new cryptocurrency instrument and forex trading pairs to stay ahead. Blue trading allows clients to withdraw from their investment regardless if new trades are open. Once the account is created clients will have access to a back office where they can add funds. The companys compliance team will review/approve the new account with-in forex sma 50 a few hours. Blue trading approach on investing involves using safe trading strategies and professional methods to help protect capital but at the same time aggressive enough to receive substantial returns. Blue trading main offices are located in Tokyo, Japan. The Blue Trading platform is designed primarily for Forex, cryptocurrency and commodity markets.

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How Blue Trading Investment Management Services Work? Prior to cryptocurrency the company had been involved with stocks, forex and commodity trading. Even thou choosing a trustworthy company to manage funds is very important to succeed, at the end of the day no one in any market can guarantee profits or exemption from losses. What Is Blue Trading? As an investor keep in mind that foreign exchange trading is risky and cryptocurrency/forex exchange are high risk, high rewards industries. How to withdraw funds from Blue Trading? To begin you can create a free account, a standard account that requires a minimum investment of 3000 EUR (18 performance fee). The company has more than 40 years of experience in different sectors related to trading. Inside the Blue Trading account the dashboard displays multiple options and performance metrics as well as diversified manual trading strategies. The card provides a convenient way to access funds.