forex report in sap psi

be aware that any disclosure, copying or distribution or use of the contents of this information is prohibited. All currency rates are maintained against USD. What the benefit of using reference currency? Here USD is made the reference currency. " s, by soflass2, tuesday June 07, 2005. Instead of maintaining, iNR to GBP, INR to CHF, INR to CAD. I need to cerate my P L, TB, BS and other PCA reports in the local and group currencies. Thank very much, Karen This electronic message transmission contains information from the Company that may be proprietary, confidential and/or privileged.

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forex report in sap psi

Forex report in sap psi
forex report in sap psi

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Suppose there are 100 different currencies involved, hence exchange rate is to be maintained for 4950 pairs of currency. (each currency with reference currency). Or should I create two separate reports; one for local currency USD and one for group currency MXN or Should I create one report with two columns one for USD, one for MXN? If so how can I do this? I can get the columns using drill down reporting KE81 but we actually use report painter. We have just created two companies with a local currency of MXN and I need to create report painter reports like those that we have for the USD reporting. M is not associated with SAP. But by using reference key, only 100 currency pair needs to be maintained. The information is intended only for the use of the individual(s) or entity named above.

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