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Zorzor District, Lofa County, after spending many years away from Liberia. This accounts for a whopping.2 percent increment (US2,850,095) even though the government is still struggling to generate an uncollected revenue of US332 million from the fiscal year. As a youth activist, I have vehemently stood up against a corrupt and nepotistic system for 12 years, and my passion for a NEW liberia remains unquenched. I disagree euro exchange rates past week with this prognosis.

Kollie In search of a flourishing democratic space with new hope which propels our nation towards an irreversible dais of equality, justice, economic freedom, national unity and peace, I profoundly bring you thoughtful compliments ahead of Liberias 170th Independence Day celebration. Here are  the dismal living conditions of the Working People of the World:. Former President Yahya Jammeh The Gambia political crisis: Some lessons from international law By: Wonderr Koryenen Freeman Yahya Jammeh has finally left The Gambia of course with so much credit to the resolve of ecowas that the will of the Gambia people must be respected.

On that day, freed slaves became founders of a nation a near-nightmare and impossibility for those once sold into slavery, hopes were born and dreamers thought their dreams of freedom, liberty and equality could now be realized. Just peruse the brilliantly crafted wording of the foremost foundational document of Liberia, otherwise known as the Declaration of Independence. However, it continues to plague the nation unabated. Opposition leaders were accused of inciting the people. The two sides obtained the most votes in the first round of the polls, but neither side bagged the fifty percent plus one threshold of absolute majority to attain a win. Kollie Sonnie James will never forget about January 4, 2017. It is very useful in case you feel that the outcome of trading according to the signals will not be good. These elections are critical as our collective destiny is tied to the outcome of the process. Trumps Determination To Cut Aid To Corrupt And Rogue Regime Around The World By: Jerry Wehtee Wion I have been warning the Liberian government that.S. Alon Ben-Meir As we approach the sixth year of Syrias civil war, the whole international community remains completely inept and has failed to join together in the search for a solution that could end the horrifying slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians each month. According to the National Election Commission (NEC the people spoke in a loud fnb forex contact democratic tune on December 26, 2017. I had no reasonable and honest answer to provide.

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