strategy trade off

trade-off between the frequency of needing to take the trash out for the Dumpster versus the ease and safety of use. The feature that customers like and find attractive about a product this year may not make the product popular next year. For a variety of reasons, including the differences between intended versus realized strategies discussed in an earlier section, none of these competitive strategies is guaranteed to achieve success. To these managers we say that if you decide to play an average game, to dabble in all areas, dont expect to become a market leader (Treacy Wiersema, 1997). The air-express carrier also manages a single, same-day delivery contract for both companies.

They create the need for choice and protect against repositioners and straddlers. They have not traveled past operational liverpool stock trading strategies pdf competence to reach operational excellence, past customer responsiveness to achieve customer intimacy, or beyond product differentiation to establish product leadership. This can be seen in the growth in popularity of store brands and private labels. "Demographic compensation and tipping points in climate-induced range shifts". An airline can choose to serve mealsadding cost and slowing turnaround time at the gateor it can choose not to, but it cannot do both without bearing major inefficiencies. Within the context of redesigning the operating model of a company to focus on a particular value discipline, Treacy and Wiersema discuss creating what they call the cult of the customer.

Firms must remain sensitive to cost differences. If the basketball game occurs during her or his working hours, then the opportunity cost would be several hours of lost work, as she/he would need to take time off work.

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