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Due to a combination of political turmoil in Britain, as well as some solid US data, the British Pound to US Dollar (GBP/USD) exchange rate plummeted on Thursday. Story link, gBP to USD Exchange Rate Edges Away from Worst Levels on UK Prime Minister Reassurances. Can Corbyn Actually Win?

An interesting development meanwhile comes on Friday May 26 as Diane Abbott, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, has told Bloomberg that a Labour government would work with the Bank of England to stabilise the Pound. GBP/USD rates have risen to some of the best since the Referendum in 2017, but a stronger Pound, improved global confidence and concerns over the outcome of Trumps impact on the US economy, could all see GBP/USD climb higher. Global issues will also continue to act as a driver on the Australian Dollar. Fiscal policy in both cases should focus on medium-term objectives including public investment to boost potential output and initiatives to raise labor force participation rates where gaps existwhile ensuring that public debt dynamics are sustainable and excessive external imbalances are reduced.

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The US dollar has continued to strengthen against the pound, causing. Further talk of the ECB scaling back their QE program or ending it will ultimately see the Euro make further inroads against Sterling, regaining any ground given up from political uncertainty in the Eurozone. Watch Next Tranche of Polling Results Some caution might be warranted at this stage as there is the possibility that we are looking at floor for falling Conservative support, something that YouGov suggested in their now infamous poll. Our aim is simple: deliver expert financial comment and analysis on the world currency markets and exchange rates. Story link, gBP to AUD Exchange Rate Recovers Ground Despite Threat of No Confidence Vote Against. A possible trigger is a faster-than-expected increase in advanced economy core inflation and interest rates as demand accelerates. ING Bank in London have sought to answer this question having released a cheat-sheet on the Pound's possible reactions to the various outcomes to the election. Key emerging market and developing economies, including Brazil, China, and South Africa, also posted third-quarter growth stronger than the fall forecasts. The worrying thing for Mrs May and all those hoping for a large Conservative majority to help smooth the Brexit process is that the momentum is very much with Labour who are now enjoying their highest level of support since October 2014!" remarks Jonathan Pryor. As a result the pound shrank back against both the USD and the EUR. The increase in fuel prices raised headline inflation in advanced economies, but wage and core-price inflation remain weak. In contrast, the Mexican peso has depreciated by 7 percent owing to renewed uncertainty associated with the ongoing nafta negotiations and the Turkish lira.5 percent on higher inflation readings.

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