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or which ones helped you. This brings us to number. Checkout Nial's Professional Trading Course here. You need discretion and human brain power to navigate the markets successfully over the long run. This of course causes them to do stupid things like over-commit themselves to a position or over-trade. All traders have the motivation to make money in the markets, but most are focusing that motivation on the wrong things. Whilst there are pro traders who do use fundamentals, I can assure that most do not. They also know that simple trading strategies work to influence a simple and clean trading mindset, and ones mindset is the most important factor to success in the markets. I can also almost assure you that you are probably spending more time analyzing and thinking about the markets than most professional traders are. Having a trading plan and a trading journal and actually using them will go a long way towards turning you into an organized and consistently disciplined trader.

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I realized early-on in my trading career that indicators were not only clouding up my charts, but my thinking too. Most traders go through an evolution where they start out looking for the Holy-Grail by trying every trading system, indicator, fnb forex contact and EA out there, and then they either give up or begin to simplify their trading. I bet you did, Ive done it before, in my early trading days. He has a monthly readership of 250,000 traders and has taught 20,000 students since 2008. Professional traders understand that they never know for sure what a market is going to do; therefore they dont become mentally or emotionally attached to any particular directional bias.

But what the guys or girls selling these snake-oil trading systems arent telling you is that they are just programs that do the same thing over and over; they arent flexible and the results they show you on their websites are either made. Professional traders trade what they see, not what they think or want to happen. There is something called a gut trading instinct that the best traders have, and it comes from time, education, and practice. Many traders get caught up in a game of becoming so fixated on a particular thing happening in the market that they convince themselves the market is going to do what they think or want it. Once you learn that you can only make consistent money in the markets by dropping the impulsive desire to make money now, you will cross the threshold into thinking and trading like a professional, and eventually you will become one. What is disposable capital?

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