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others software to work together. PQR in return after receiving good physically sends EDI944 information to ABC Corp. PER_absence_attendance_types User defined absence types. PER_letter_requests Requests for specific types of standard letter. PER_qualifications A record of educational qualification, certificates, licenses, etc that a person holds or is acquiring.

HR_H2PI_cost_allocations This is staging table for the Oracle HR to Oracle Payroll Interface (H2PI) and  stores data related to cost allocations s while data upload is in progress. Oracle Applications Software from Oracle eDelivery is already staged.

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Preparing functional Test Cases and Scenario documents. PER_assessment_groups Grouping of People for 360 reviews PER_assessment_types The definition of an assessment template PER_assignment_budget_values_F Budget values for an assignment. PER_PAY_proposal_component_EFC PER_people_extra_info Extra information for a person. PER_contact_info_types Types of extra information that may be held against a contact relationship. HR_DM_tables This entity contains a hrms table listing that will be processed by the data migrator. PER_MM_JOB_requirements PER_MM_JOB_requirements holds data related to transferring position requirements to a newly created position. HR_authoria_mappings, authoria Mapping Information, hR_calendars, dated instances of a repeating pattern. PER_PTU_DFF_mapping_lines Table for storing DFF migration mapping Information from PER_ALL_people_F to PER_person_type_usages_F. HR_API_hook_calls, lists which extra logic, package procedures or formula, should be called from the API hook points. Validate/import program Validated the necessary validations and if passed through imports the data using APIs/interfaces. As the order is closed scheduled, eDI856 program picks the eligible orders (shipped orders) and sends electronic information as ship advise to Customer, by which customer knows order is shipped. Third party logistics warehouse EDIs, eDI940 - Order advise to warehouse EDI, Warehouse gets an electronic information about the order which then warehouse prepares for shipping.

PER_applications Applications for employment. PER_salary_survey_lines Details for market salary surveys. EDI860 - Order changes from Customer. HR_ALL_positions_F, position definition information.

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