how to successfully trade the trend in forex

show the corrective moves. The last thing you want to do is to exit your trades based on emotions. Click here to get The Ultimate Guide to Trend Following (youll learn everything about Trend Following, and trading strategies not shown here). EUR/USD has now gone down.

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Fancy charts, bells, or whistles wont help you to make money. The period is May, 2013 June, 2013. If you lose 50 of your capital, you need to make back 100 legit online typing jobs at home to break even. One of my old friends, who has no training of any sort, wrote all the systems and everything on a single spreadsheet, and we were able to run our firm just on a spreadsheet program in Excel with three people. The Third Interaction with the Trend Line (The 3rd Impulse). If you notice the price is forming higher lows, with resistance constantly breaking, chances are its an uptrend.