leonardo trading bot strategy

under your buy level this means you end up with a bag of coins you might not want. Fill in these keys on the website of LeonArdo /Margin- trading. But as once you take a solid 30seconds to look at it, it is easy to understand. We chose to trade on the m exchange and made a new API key specially for the trading bot.

This image shows all the chart options in the middle of the interface. Scroll down a little to read more information about the trading bot and read a review of us using the trading terminal. The closing down of BTC-e meant that leonArdo customers would be out of pocket as a result. This is the screen you see when you add a new strategy. Spanish, portugese, english, chinese, results and conclusion, we traded around 2 months with different trading strategies. For optimal results, Haasbot users should be fully committed to trading bitcoin to get reasonable profits. Let me introduce you to leonArdo. The current version, Zenbot.5, has had impressive results this year.